Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Days...

Everytime I see people going crazy for nothing.. Killing each other... Ensuring that humanity doesnt remain there in anyone's dictionary... 
Its Depressing.. Disturbing.. And.. made me write this short poem.. I ensured it was short.. :) 

The “DAYS”
There are days when the flowers reject the bees..
The wandering waves dislike the sea…
Revenge cracks the brotherly faces..
And failing faith I see it in traces..
The moonlight doesn’t soothe
And the sun adds to the gloom..
Differences matter the most..
World haunted by some evil ghost
The kohl in the eyes irks
And the bangle in the arm shirks
Womanhood widowed within
Remarried again with a sin
The rose petal irate the mind
And the green grass makes me blind…
 The answers confuse me more..
And the questions turn more sour..