Sunday, September 20, 2009

BaTTered SHe

The worst kind of personality devastation a woman can suffer is when she is BAttered.. Batterred to a level of feeling humiliated all the time..
Battered to an extent that if the Batterer even raises a "Finger" she accepts herself as being useless...
This is a poem about a deaf battered soul I encountered.. I couldnot express the pain of that soul but this was all the pain I could rhyme..
This sunday I pray to God to bless such women with strength and insight to fight back and bring a change in their lives..

The Battered "SHe"

She looks like us, the Battered 'She'
Ears she has but she cant hear..
Words she has but we can't hear..
She is a Human deprived of living
She never takes,, does all the giving..

Her fault ,,, she's is a daughter and not a son
And a woman with ocean water's patience..
In her soul lies a Goddess essence..
Her strenght to give birth is her weakness
One more I can add, she never loves less..

Unconditional care for all she adores
Evil or Good ,she engulfs this and more
Who knows this,, But the battered soul
From her battered face,, the smile goes..
She wails alone in lonely nights.

But morning she smiles,,, believes everything is right

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday's Blessing.. :)


Let the air be full of peace and prayer,
Let your sorrows be removed with GOD'S CARE
Let I be your friend and you be mine
Let me and you like a poem rhyme..
Let goodness instill us from head to toe..
Let truth be ours,, together we woe.
Let us join in our hands, to do all the GOOD..
Let us remove the rotten dead old wood
The mistakes, the blunders, all will fade..
With happiness around, beautiful world we make.. :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sound Of God..

There are times in life when we question our destiny.. When we question God.. And look around for answers.. The best way to hear them is to connect with the nature.. Connect with things that are pure.. Things that have God written across them... And you will find your answers and peace along with it :)

The force talks to us all the time.. Giving us signs and signals all we need is to keep our eyes and ears open.. Else we will end up lik Jim Carrey from Bruce Almighty.. (the beginining part of the movie only)

The wind blows gently..
It tells me to be quiet,
She wades me through a path,
Drops near a river wide.
Splashing the stones,the water gurgling
The birds chirping, the leaves rustling...
The Sound Of God I can hear..
The Sound Of My Lord I can hear.
The whiteness of sky with tinge of blue..
The jewel like green,the grass with dew...
The dusky night ,the dawny day..
The space is filled with sunshine rays..
Hope, happiness is all I see..
The love of nature embraces me..
"You believe in me,,You also believe in Thee."
The glory ,the warmth is all i feel..
As I know God is near me..
This is the Sound Of God I hear..
This is the Sound Of My Lord i hear.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

DREAMS are an inseparable part of our lives.Most people dream with their eyes closed and many with thier eyes open.Dream is like a seed from which a quiet thought originates and turns into reality by conviction and strength..
And a dream, dreamt with full consciousness of your soul is a like a silent prayer to God..For it to be fulfilled.
And such a Dream becomes more beautiful when you share it with someone and work to change it into reality :)
But when such a dream is shatters the pain stays with you forever..
I cupped my hands together,
You placed our dream in it.
Silvery white its misty fumes..
Tears dwelled in my eyes,
To see my soul,your soul in our dream..
The world seemed blessed and new,
I carefully took some steps..
The Dream placed in my palms.. gave a feeling of eternity..
I gazed at it day and night,
thrilled,worried and gleeful at times..
Thrilled cause it was new to me..
Worried as not to lose me..
Happy cause of the peace it brought
My lovely Dream,Our lovely Dream..
Alas! Darkness doomed the Day
The silvery fumes slipped away..
My dream ran away from me.. taking you along..
I looked shaken here, everywhere..
With no words and no thoughts..
The pain it brought pierced my heart..
My soul,My mind,, My Every Part..
I wander now,,The COSMOS see..
I search for my Lost Dream..
Let me find my Lost Dream..
Let me find You and Me..
Let me find our Lost Dream..

My first Blog

So finally overcoming a lot of inhibtions and the endless matches of the pingpong game "NO-YES" in mind,I am writing my first blog...

Its a poem I wrote some time back.. About "Eyes".I believe eyes tell a lot about a person,fears,pain,anger jealousy and a lot pf stuff..

And we have so many filmy songs about eyes( who can forget aankhon hi aakhon me ishara hogaya) :)

So here it goes..


Eyes are mirrors,
The all I have seen.
Brown black misty clear,
Some hate me some call me dear.
I read a person reading the eyes,
You can read a soul says the wise.
The tears tell you all ,
The twinkle explains..
When your friend needs you, when he is in pain.
I measure the love for me through the windows.
Closing and opening the shutters of light,
I am able to see many sceneries and sights
God’s creations, the colors the stars
But Yes!! I see… BLOOd and WARS I see some eyes full of revenge
Some thirsty for RED ,some thirsty for dead..
I wait for the day the pain recedes..
And the eyes see nothing but good deeds..