Saturday, September 5, 2009

My first Blog

So finally overcoming a lot of inhibtions and the endless matches of the pingpong game "NO-YES" in mind,I am writing my first blog...

Its a poem I wrote some time back.. About "Eyes".I believe eyes tell a lot about a person,fears,pain,anger jealousy and a lot pf stuff..

And we have so many filmy songs about eyes( who can forget aankhon hi aakhon me ishara hogaya) :)

So here it goes..


Eyes are mirrors,
The all I have seen.
Brown black misty clear,
Some hate me some call me dear.
I read a person reading the eyes,
You can read a soul says the wise.
The tears tell you all ,
The twinkle explains..
When your friend needs you, when he is in pain.
I measure the love for me through the windows.
Closing and opening the shutters of light,
I am able to see many sceneries and sights
God’s creations, the colors the stars
But Yes!! I see… BLOOd and WARS I see some eyes full of revenge
Some thirsty for RED ,some thirsty for dead..
I wait for the day the pain recedes..
And the eyes see nothing but good deeds..


Anonymous said...

"some thirsty for red...some thirsty for dead..."

nicely written...i dont find any reason why you dint post them before!!!ok now keep writing this way...and expand your base(on blogger,twitter etc)

you might want to join and give your blog better readership...

god bless..

Anonymous said...

Nice one buddy!! Don't you think it should have ended with an optimistic note..

keep writing..

Anonymous said...

I meant to say 'a bit more optimistic'..