Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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The Indian Dream..

In my tiny subconscious..

There lies a sleeping seed..

Drowsing and drooling; it did nothing but sleep

But it housed something priceless

Priceless like a dream…

It was nothing but the

MY Forgotten Indian Dream..

I had to shake it,

water it ..and give it light

To wake it from deep slumbers

To have an insight

The dream grows and it’s a long wait..

It was nothing but the

MY Faded Indian Dream

The billion plus ,, we enter a gleaming golden gate..

Bow to our holy motherland..

Bow to the skies

Together as a rainbow

Diverse as a mosaic

It was nothing but the

MY Forsaken Indian Dream

A super solid power

Having super GDP(gross domestic product)

With special attention to GHP( gross happiness product)

Smiles on faces and love for the neighbors.

No wars, no scars and no riots

It was nothing but the

MY Forgone Indian Dream

Honest Politicians and pristine law

Passion in eyes.. and love in the hearts

Twinkling childhood ,,

Ignited youth

With every step I take

I see the Gulistan

It was nothing but the


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Vipul Grover said...

Hi Prabhjot, welcome 2 blog-a-ton. A nice sweet poem there. Ofcourse its OUR Indian Dream.
I have added ur link 2 the blog but as voting ends in jus a day, it won't b part of it.
Hope 2 have ur entry on time nxt time, so tht it cn also compete for the award.
Keep adding ur inputs 2 blog-a-ton. cheers:)

Prabhjotk said...

Thanks lot.. I will be on time for sure..

jannat said...

greaaatt write up anna
i never knew u were so good .. keep up d gud work !!

Prabhjotk said...

@jannat thanks dear :D

Anonymous said...

aw such a refreshing poem..the way you said my %s Indian Dream
was perfect..

no wars no scars no riots...yeah i too wish to see our country(and others too) this way

this post would have fetched u pretty many votes...:)

be on time the next time ..ok?

Sukhdeep said...

Indian Dream..

Hope it turns to reality one day..

High hopes from a country where corruption is the leader.
but keep writing..u never know god listens to your poem and we live in better country

Prabhjotk said...

@frozenwall thanks buddy.. I will be... for sure..

ani_aset said...

this is such a paractical poem..something different..i am seeing someone use GDP and GHP use in a poem..i never thought one could do that.. you have done it well :)

Prabhjotk said...

Thanks @ani_aset GHP acc to me is one important thing for a nation.. :)