Saturday, September 5, 2009

DREAMS are an inseparable part of our lives.Most people dream with their eyes closed and many with thier eyes open.Dream is like a seed from which a quiet thought originates and turns into reality by conviction and strength..
And a dream, dreamt with full consciousness of your soul is a like a silent prayer to God..For it to be fulfilled.
And such a Dream becomes more beautiful when you share it with someone and work to change it into reality :)
But when such a dream is shatters the pain stays with you forever..
I cupped my hands together,
You placed our dream in it.
Silvery white its misty fumes..
Tears dwelled in my eyes,
To see my soul,your soul in our dream..
The world seemed blessed and new,
I carefully took some steps..
The Dream placed in my palms.. gave a feeling of eternity..
I gazed at it day and night,
thrilled,worried and gleeful at times..
Thrilled cause it was new to me..
Worried as not to lose me..
Happy cause of the peace it brought
My lovely Dream,Our lovely Dream..
Alas! Darkness doomed the Day
The silvery fumes slipped away..
My dream ran away from me.. taking you along..
I looked shaken here, everywhere..
With no words and no thoughts..
The pain it brought pierced my heart..
My soul,My mind,, My Every Part..
I wander now,,The COSMOS see..
I search for my Lost Dream..
Let me find my Lost Dream..
Let me find You and Me..
Let me find our Lost Dream..


frozenwell said...

you should be buried alive for hiding such a nice poem from all of the world!LOL
somewhow i like this moment
"alas!daskness doomed the day
the silvery fumes slipped away..."

keep it up...and keep writing..let us just help you get some visitors :)

jithesh said...

Why there should always be a sad note in the middle :( Awesome work buddy :) You really are a l33t in poetry :)

Prabhjotk said...

Thanks @frozenwell and sorry for late reply..

Prabhjotk said...

@jithesh.. Thanks for the encouragement BUDDY