Sunday, September 20, 2009

BaTTered SHe

The worst kind of personality devastation a woman can suffer is when she is BAttered.. Batterred to a level of feeling humiliated all the time..
Battered to an extent that if the Batterer even raises a "Finger" she accepts herself as being useless...
This is a poem about a deaf battered soul I encountered.. I couldnot express the pain of that soul but this was all the pain I could rhyme..
This sunday I pray to God to bless such women with strength and insight to fight back and bring a change in their lives..

The Battered "SHe"

She looks like us, the Battered 'She'
Ears she has but she cant hear..
Words she has but we can't hear..
She is a Human deprived of living
She never takes,, does all the giving..

Her fault ,,, she's is a daughter and not a son
And a woman with ocean water's patience..
In her soul lies a Goddess essence..
Her strenght to give birth is her weakness
One more I can add, she never loves less..

Unconditional care for all she adores
Evil or Good ,she engulfs this and more
Who knows this,, But the battered soul
From her battered face,, the smile goes..
She wails alone in lonely nights.

But morning she smiles,,, believes everything is right


Anonymous said...

oh this is too much i mean...yeah?? Ears she has but she cant hear..
Words she has but we can't hear..

your poem impressed me at the very beginning :) and the cause needs no comment...:(

But morning she smiles,,, believes everything is right dont you think this is the very quality that proves fatal??and we tend to take HER for granted??

Prabhjotk said...

yeah thanks...
Women are taken for granted.. But i wish such women start speaking out and loud..

Iniyaazh - இனியாழ் said...

Words that can move anyone... Many a silent soul in our society sharing the same bliss and same torment. Awareness, we need more and more awareness to prevent the creation of more such battered souls.

Toon India said...

very moving lines!!

Prabhjotk said...

@toonindia thanks :)

Anonymous said...

A perfect portrait of too many women, broken and pieced by wronged will.
Who'd speak up? The general Indian "law" is that what happens in the family stays in the family. And even beyond our country's borders, for the sin of having 2 X chromosomes, so many are like your She.

Prabhjotk said...

@ariyathe so very true.. Today media is bringing lots of things in the lite.. but a lot still remains hidden

Prabhjotk said...
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It is all about a social stigma attached to our society that always saw male members of the family as saviors, torch-bearers and Bread-earners but girls only as a liability to be off-loaded one day; after marriage.

With economic boom and changed socio-economic scenario, the mentality of educated class has changed as; Girls have got more opportunity to get good jobs and to be independent so no sense of liability with parents toward them. Boys in jobs are not part of joint families so the role of savior and bread-earners also diminished to some extent.

You have said all in nicely knitted words as poem. We must thank God as the scenario is changing as said above but You must keep your spirit high as a lot is to be done.

Best Wishes